#4 - Kavitta Ghai - CEO of Nectir
People of AmericaSeptember 19, 2022
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#4 - Kavitta Ghai - CEO of Nectir

Kavitta Ghai (@kavitta) is the CEO of Nectir, originally from the Bay Area, and is passionate about redefining everything we thought we knew about education in the United States. 

What We Discuss with Kavitta:

  • Intro and Kavitta’s Background (1:15) 
  • What is Nectir, how Nectir was developed, and potential use cases (8:23) 
  • One moment where you realized Nectir might work (44:45)
  • One moment where you realized Nectir might not work (54:20)
  • Advice for those looking to start their own company (57:50)
  • How do you effectively balance your time and prioritize your mental health (1:08:50)
  • Quote of the episode and outro (1:29:20)
  • And much more...

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